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Web Monetization

Get paid in real time when people play your games!
Coil subscribers visit your game, play it, and Coil sends you micropayments as they play.
Web Monetization is an open browser API that you can use in JavaScript.

This category was introduced in 2019 together with Coil, and in 2020 we've
partnered with the Grant for the Web program to make it even better.

Participating is optional, and it is as simple as adding a single meta tag,
and offers unlimited possibilities. You will be able to receive payments when people
play your games, give back to supportive players with additional content or expanding
game mechanics, and help other devs make money from Coil by playing their games too.


Nathan Lie

Nathan Lie

Nathan is a Software Engineer at Coil who considers himself a gamer first and an engineer second. He's been working with and on applications using Web Monetization for the past few years, and is eager to see the intersections between Web Monetization and game design this year!

@feraltc | coil.com

Yuriy Dybskiy

Yuriy Dybskiy

Yuriy is a founder of Puma Browser – mobile browser focused on seamless payments and data privacy. Previously worked at Lyft, Facebook, Meteor, Cloudant and a few startups as Developer Advocate ⁄ Engineer. Grew up in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦. Lives in SF now, enjoys tennis, moto rides, park walks and games.

@html5cat | pumabrowser.com



  • 1st place: $600
  • 2nd place: $300
  • 3rd place: $150
  • 4th place: $75
  • 5th place: $50
  • 6th-10th places: $25

TOTAL: $1300


Coil membership

Coil membership plans for six months each for every participant.


Coil swag

Five Coil surprise swag packages.

Grant for the Web js13kGames Coil


The rules for the Web Monetization category are exactly the same as Desktop/Mobile/Server, with one extra - include the meta tag in your website's <head>:

<meta name="monetization" content="$ilp.uphold.com/paymentpointer">

To get your unique payment pointer, register on the Coil's website and then visit Settings where you'll be able to create your own wallet with Uphold - this will allow you to receive instant payments.


Size limit

All the official rules for the Desktop/Mobile/Server categories apply, including #3. The meta tag is mandatory to be included in the Web Monetization category and is counted within the size limit. Fortunately, it's only a couple of characters, so shouldn't take too much out of the total size limit.

Submitting to Web Monetization versus other categories

You can pick and chose any (or all) of the now four categories: Desktop, Mobile, Server, Web Monetization. You can also submit your game to the WebXR and Web Monetization categories. Remember that the WebXR category is treated separately from the classic Desktop/Mobile/Server ones, same is the Decentralzied one.

Subscription plans for everyone

All participants, no matter if they submit their game to the Web Monetization category or not, will get two months worth subscription for free. By registering and playing games their peers submitted to this category, Coil will be paying small bits of money directly to the creators of those games. Participants who submit their game to the Web Monetization category will get four months worth subscription for free. Same goes for all the experts who will get four months subscription - while playing the games to properly judge them and give feedback, they will also allow Coil to pay those creators directly for the time spent playing.
Remember that you can submit more than one game, but there's only one 6-month subscription per given account as a prize.

The 100+20 rule

To fully utilize the platform and offer unique experience to the paying subscribers, the best way is to add extra content to your entry for them. All participants and experts will have the chance to become one. It can be as simple as adding more points to the final score, or more advanced like bonus items, levels, or game types.

Detecting a subscriber

To detect if the player is a subscriber you can check the document.monetization object and query its state: if(document.monetization && document.monetization.state === 'started') { /* hello subscriber */ }.
Remember that this may take some time to start, so if you need the information on page load as soon as it's available you can use the event instead: document.monetization.addEventListener('monetizationstart',function(){ /* hello */ });.
See the Docs for more details.

Playing web monetized games

From the player point of view, to be recognized as the subscriber and see the extra content you have to have a FirefoxChromeBraveEdge extension or use the Puma Browser, which have Web Monetization API enabled by default.

Distributin cash prizes

Cash prizes are sponsored by the Grant for the Web program. The amounts will be distributed either via PayPal in USD, or can be sent as an equivalent of the amount in XRP directly.


If you have any questions about this category feel free to contact us via e-mail: contact@js13kgames.com.
Other options include visiting our profiles on Twitter or Facebook, or joining our Slack channel.